Green economy

material recovery

MOPI srl is located in Pisa. It is newly established but it takes his strength from the long experience of its founders.

It is based on the strictly connected work of researchers, professionals and industrial companies.

The company can boast of having a well-trained team that provides very accurate experiments together with reliable and technologically advanced laboratory.

Our goal is to find new applications for all waste materials like by-products of industrial processes and post-consumer plastics/rubber, and to reintroduce them as new products into the industrial cycle.

We are active in two different sectors:

  • Acoustic
  • Materials (Plastics and Bitumen)
Special competences are developed on fire behaviour of all materials.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Camillo Cardelli

Senior scientist and technologist

Phone: +39 3383745478

Email: tech@mopilab.com

Dr. Marco Badalassi

Scientist and Technologist

Dr. Francesco Criscitiello

Scientist and technologist

Dr. Sandro Croccolo

Senior bitumen technician

Dr. Angela Cardelli


Dr. Giannicola Vitticano

Junior scientist