Our tests

Rotational viscosity ASTM D4402
Penetration EN 1426
Softening point EN 1427
Cold flexibility EN 1109
Tensile test EN 12311
Tear test EN 12310
Moisture Determination ASTM D5668-09
Mechanical properties in bending ISO 178
Mechanical properties in traction EN 60811-501
Thermocompression measurements EN 60811-509/508/160
Static load EN 12730
Dynamic load EN 12691
Flow resistance at elevated temperature EN 1110
LOI measurement ASTM D2863
Melt flow index EN ISO 1133
Coefficient of sound absorption UNI ISO 13472
Vibration measurements UNI EN ISO 8041
Fire behavior Internal method

And more…

Lab Test

Our laboratory is equipped and able to perform numerous tests in accordance
with reference standards, to check, understand and if necessary modify the
characteristics of the materials being measured.