Projects, Publications, Events

2021 - Study project. Oxidation of bitumen, possible acceleration of the process, aspects, consequences, variables and results depending on the bitumen used.
2020 - Study project. Possible uses of rubber powder from ELTs in new compounds for waterproofing roofs and innovative applications.
2020 - Study project. New sustainable industrial applications of rubber granules from end-of-life tires.
2019 - Study project. Production of plastic waste in the paper industry and definition of a possible methodology for the collection and transformation into new raw materials for other industrial sectors.
2018 - Study project. Innovative methods to ensure greater resistance to aging in bituminous compounds.
2017 - Study project. Possible application of NIR reflective products to the roofing industry to increase the energy savings guaranteed by the roofs.
2021 - Publication. Optimization of the mechanical properties of polyolefin composites filled with flame retardant mineral fillers.
2022 - Event. Argus Bitumen & Asphalt Europe Conference, Nice (France) 12-13 May
2021 - Event. Waterproof membranes. Cologne (Germany), November 8-10
2019 - Event. Waterproof membranes. Cologne (Germany), November 18-20
2019 - Event. K. Düsseldorf (Germany), October 16-23
2019 - Event. Plastic Recycling Technology. Düsseldorf (Germany), June 18-19
2019 - Event. Impervius The bitumen waterproofing membrane. Baveno (Italy), June 5-6
2019 - Event. MatER Meeting. Piacenza (Italy), May 27-28
2018 - Event. Waterproof membranes. Düsseldorf (Germany), November 5-7
2018 - Event. CFF chemistry for the future. Pisa (Italy), 4-6 July