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    Development and improvement in the use of recycled raw materials from industrial or post-consumer waste.

    Technical support in the formulation and improvement of the technical characteristics of recycled materials used for the production of membranes for building roofs, based on TPO, PVC or bituminous.

    Customization of polymeric compounds with the use or integration of industrial recycled products based on the specific needs of the customer.

    Development, preparation and characterization of bituminous compounds with particular reference to the choice of raw materials available on the market for applications where specific performance is required.

    Support in the industrialization process, development of the production process and marketing.

    Assistance in obtaining company or product certifications, preparation of production controls and industrial planning.

    Development of an international network, creation of collaboration between companies, exploration of new markets and new applications for products and technologies.

    Preparation of polymeric compounds or flame retardant bituminous mixtures, characterization and updating of production and test methods.

    Acoustic impact assessments, acoustic climate forecast reports, instrumental verification of the acoustic performance of real estate units, measurements that determine the behavior of acoustic barriers, feedback campaigns for the evaluation and acoustic characterization of road pavements.

    Support and services developed according to customer needs.